Lysterfield Sailing Club welcomes any mono-hull under 5.0 meters LOA and any Catamaran under 4.3m LOA to sail with our club.

We have a regular fleet of sailors, with the following boats commonly sailed (click the links for more information):

1 person Monohull – maximum length 5m (16’4″)

Class Impulse Laser Sabre OK Laser Radial
Length  4.0m 4.2m 3.8m 4.0m 4.2m
Beam  1.6m  1.4m  1.5m 1.5m  1.4m
Weight  47kg  57kg 41kg 72kg 57kg
Sail  6.9m2  7.1m2 6.4m2 8.5m2 5.6m2
Yardstick  118.5  114 126.5 116 118.5


2 person Monohull – maximum length 5m (16’4″)

Class Tasar Mirror 470
Length 4.5m 3.3m 4.7m
Beam 1.8m 1.39m  1.7m
Weight 66kg 45.5kg  122kg
Main Sail 8.4m2 4.6m2  9.1m2
Jib  3.1m2 1.9m2  3.6m2
Spinnaker  – 4.4m2  13m2
Yardstick 107.5 143.5  101

Catamarans – maximum length 4.3m (14’1″)

Class Paper Tiger Arrow Nacra 430
Length 4.3m  4.3m 4.3m
Beam 2.1m  1.9m  2.3m
Weight 64kg  50kg  100kg
Sail 9.3m2  7.6m2 11m2
Jib 2.6m2 2m2
Yardstick 91.5 91 88