Sailability Victoria

Sailability is at Lysterfield!

Sailability makes sailing available to everyone. Lysterfield Sailability is held every Wednesday and every second Sunday. The facility is excellent providing great access for people with a disability.

Events: Every Wednesday and every second Sunday (during program weeks)

Contact for program date schedule & bookings: Lyn Taylor at or phone 0414 861 490 or
 Brian Girling ph 9546 6508 or 0427 521 128

The club is actively seeking volunteers for our Sunday Program requiring around 3-4 hours during the 1st and 4th school terms.

We also have participant vacancies for the same program. If you are interested, contact details are above.

For an exciting story on sailability at Lysterfield please have a look at the following video:

Access Dinghies were designed to appeal to that huge majority of the world’s population who would love to have a go at sailing, but find it too difficult or uninviting to do so. 

Whether as a recreation, a competition sport or a therapeutic activity; the Access Dinghy design features allow total novices of any ability to sail with little or no tuition, nearly regardless of the conditions.