A bit of coaching for newer members/new racers – Sat 8th Jan 2022

If anyone is interested in a bit of coaching before the short course event, read on. To make this work, we need at least 5 boats (not five people, a 2-hander needs two people, but is one boat).

-Rigged and Ready at 9:00am, meet on the lawn.

I’m proposing a session to run through the main phases of a race, then move on to the water for some really useful drills in boat handling that will help you successfully start and sail a race.

Lesson plan:

9:00->10:00 (in the rooms depending on the sailing school)
-The port starboard rule (rule 10), and a little bit of rule 11.
-the start sequence, and what you need to know about being “on the line” in order to get a race in (the sequence, what the flags mean, where you need to be and what you should do)

-On water drills.
–A figure of eight across a start line (square to the wind, that is tight i.e. you will be close to other boats. This will be about reinforcing the port starboard rules in close quarters, and getting you used to changing tacks quickly and comfortably.

–Racking up (sailing up to a line and holding your boat still)

–Practice starts

–Pointing high

–(time permitting) a bit of downwind practice to get speeds up downwind.

You can then practice this stuff during the short-course races. As it is a few races close together, it is a great chance to get a big step in learning in a short time for getting better if that’s something people are looking to do.

guys, Let me know, we need at least five boats to make the drills worthwhile, and no more than 10.

There will be some pre-reading to do (not much) and you need to be ready to give the sessions a red hot go, by coming in with a keen desire to have a go and try again if you don’t pick it up straight away.

RSVP to the club email by Wednesday please. I’ll keep you posted via whatsapp as to RSVP progress.

If we don’t get five boats, we can postpone until another time.