Personal Flotation Devices

NOTICE TO MEMBERS- Personal Flotation Devices

 Yachting Australia – Special Regulations Part 2 – Off the Beach Boats


(Page 299 Racing Rules of Sailing)

 Members are advised that the existing Regulation 5.01 including the ban on PFDs Type 3 has been deleted and replaced by the following:


 PFD requirements vary between the States and Territories and it is recommended that before purchase and use it should be established that the PFD is acceptable under local law.

 5.01.1    All crew members shall wear, whilst afloat, a personal flotation device (PFD) secured about their person in a manner appropriate to the design of the device.

 5.01.2    PFDs shall comply with one of the following:

 (a)    Australian Standard AS4758-2008; or

(b)   Australian Standard AS1512-1996 for PFD Type 1; or

(c)    Australian Standard AS1499-1996 for PFD Type 2; or

(d)   Australian Standard AS2260-1996 for PFD Type 3; or

(e)    An equivalent or more stringent overseas standard


 shall be branded with the respective Standard Authority’s mark of approval.

 5.01.3    Inflatable PFDs shall not be used.

 5.01.4    PFDs shall be maintained in good order.

 5.01.5    PFDs shall be marked on the inside to identify their ownership. Preferably this should be the mane of the individual owner and a contact number: otherwise it shall be the name of the Club or organization to which the PFD belongs.