Vale Brian Girling 14.01.2022

It is with great sadness that Lysterfield sailing club passes on our condolences to Brian Girling’s family upon news of his death.

Brian was a much loved life member of Lysterfield sailing club. As one of Lysterfield’s earliest members Brian had been actively involved with the club since it’s beginning, only recently slowing down. Brian’s contribution to Lysterfield Sailing Club throughout his life was enormous and the news of Brian’s death has saddened us all.

Brian came to Lysterfield sailing a Heron, before taking a keen interest in club administration and sailing programs for others that saw his focus sharpen to off the water activities designed to help others enjoy sailing as much as he did.

During Brian’s time with Lysterfield, he had served as Commodore, secretary as well as many other committee roles before moving in later life into the position of Sailability Coordinator. This may perhaps be where Brian was most passionate and he excelled in bringing accessible sailing to all people regardless of any constaints. Brian was honored for this work with a nomination in 2021 for the Australian Sailing Volunteer of the year award, where he reached the final three candidates.

The club extends their deepest sympathies to Brian’s family and sends its best wishes during this time.

Brian will be missed at Lysterfield Sailing Club.

Aggregate Series is now Rated by Personal Handicap

Our Aggregate Series is now rated on a personal handicap. To those members who are just starting out, this means that improvement is rewarded in results. Your “rating” is calculated for each race relative to your last few races. If you have any questions, get in touch with Antony via the usual channels.

here’s a quick and dirty explanation that will hopefully put it in to context.

The VYC yardstick

A Normal VYC yardstick compares two boats to determine how long each one should take to do a race. It then corrects the time that we measure with a clock to say: All factors being equal, boat A ought to have taken 50% of the imaginary “normal” minutes to do that race and boat b should have taken 150% of that time. Or, boat A and B both took 10 minutes to do the race. Boat A should have only taken 5 minutes, boat B should have taken 15 minutes. therefore, boat B went super fast. Boat A: not so much. Now think about boat A taking 9 minutes, and Boat B taking 10 minutes. Who won? Still boat B. They may have had a good tussle on he course, but boat A should have been miles away as it is a much faster boat.

The personal handicap (a back calculated yardstick)

Next is personal handicaps. they compare your performance to what we would expect from the boat and adjust the handicap to reflect where you ARE finishing, not where you ought to be finishing.
Now consider your next race. If you are effectively in a slower boat (your PHS) you are closer to boat B than boat A above, so when you go faster, your results are better overall.

There is a catch though. We recalculate the handicap after each aggregate race. So if you go better, your “new” yardstick for next time goes down a little bit.

Long and the short of it, if you are improving heaps every race of the aggregate series ,you’ll do a lot of winning!

Your handicap can be found in the NHC1 and BCR columns of the results

If you scroll through the races, you can see your handicap changing race to race, this is the system in action.

Invite from Mordialloc Sailing Club:

Hi Everyone, Mordialloc has invited us to their round of the VDC. All welcome to go if the mood takes you!

Good evening Lysterfield Sailing Club

The 2021 Victorian Dinghy Championships (VDC) are officially up and running at Mordialloc Sailing Club!

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of November.
The VDC is the first heat of the Victorian Sailing Cup, which is conducted over 7 races. (The August to October 2021 events were cancelled due to COVID-19)

Schedule of VDC events;
Saturday  20th November 2021          0900-1030    Registration
Saturday           20th November 2021           1030-1100     Talk – Protest Processes
Saturday           20th November 2021           1100              Information Session
Saturday           21st November 2021           1200              Warning Signal
Sunday21st November 2021           1000             Warning Signal   There will be a maximum of eight races scheduled, the start times for the second and succeeding races on each day will be held as soon as practicable after the conclusion of the preceding race, at the discretion of the Principal Race Officer.
All mono hull classes are invited and can enter through the link found on the Mordialloc Sailing Club website.
Entries can be accessed (using ClubOps) from the MSC web site and Sign On and Sign Off will be available through the Sailor AppIOS and ANDROID

Darren Eger, from Australian Sailing,  will give a talk on the Saturday morning, 10:30 – 11:00, on the process of a Protest Hearing. Such questions as, “What steps are taken in the protest room to come to a fair decision?”, will be covered. Participants and interested people from all clubs and classes are invited to attend this talk at no charge.

An informal BBQ will be held after racing on the Saturday for all participants, support crews and volunteers to enjoy at no cost. 

It is encouraged that all members are double vaxed for the safety of all participants, with all current restrictions to apply. A COVID Marshall will be present to answer any questions.

AGM postponement

Due to the logistics associated with managing the AGM within the confines of latest lock down in Melbourne, the AGM has been postponed. We’ll provide an update on new arrangements when we can.

We hope to be back sailing as soon as the lock-down lifts, hopefully for Winter 6 on the 14th of August.

Stay safe!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Winter 2021 Race Dates

To maximise sailing opportunities for members, we have changed our schedule, and PUSHED BACK THE START OF OUR WINTER SERIES BY ONE WEEK. Our 2021 winter series is now on Alternative weeks to Sugarloaf Sailing Club for those that like to do both club’s winter series.

You can view the calendar here

Our new start date for winter is 2021-06-05.

(For the Sugarloaf schedule, scroll all the way down past our calendar frame)

2021 winter series – VISITORS WELCOME.

Keep calm and go winter sailing at Lysterfield

WINTER SAILING @ LYSTERFIELD LAKE (near Narre Warren, just off the monash freeway)

Lysterfield Sailing Club’s winter sailing commences 5 june.

Races start at 1:00pm Saturday.

All visitors welcome, come for a race, come for the series! Visitors are automatically entered in our winter championship!

Visitor’s fee: $8.00 per race

Join us!

Please see club website calendar for exact dates, or the list of days is below: