March News

Welcome current and prospective members to the March News.

New members 

We have two new members:- Kedar Pednekar and Sanjay VJ.  Please make them welcome and help them with the Sabres.  Both have sailed in their younger days but are a little rusty.  They have sailed in one of our Introduction to Sailing sessions and will be sailing the club Sabres for three months.  Kedar will be sailing this Saturday afternoon, but not Sanjay.

Sailing School  

Rob and Herman’s group have almost finished their course and will be racing with us this week.  Paula, John and Jarrod’s group finished a few weeks ago.  Hopefully some of them will return to sail with us.  P, J and J are arranging another 6 week course commencing 17 April.P, J and J are also holding half day “Introduction to Sailing” sessions. the second of which will be this Saturday morning.


Thanks for Colin and Rob for manning the rescue boat last week.  They and all the competitors got thoroughly soaked by the rain towards the end.  Somehow John and Andrew managed to win line honours.  The forecast for this week is much better, in fact it is perfect:- max 25C, mostly sunny, wind 10-15 knots.

Club boats 

The three Sabres are all rigged similarly and are available for use.  Unfortunately there are only two launching trolleys at present, so one boat must be launched and then its trolley taken back to the yard to collect the third boat.  Antony is kindly constructing a third trolley.

Committee Meeting

The minutes of a recent meeting are available and will be circulated via email..

See you on the lake!

News – Feb 2021

Welcome to the latest News announcement (Antony’s note as the webmaster). We tried to wrap up the announcement re Covid and the latest newsletter, but it didn’t really seem great in hindsight. So here it is! Separate and ready to go.

The Heron has now been sold.  The price was reduced to $1000 as we discovered de-lamination of the gelcoat which reduced its value.  It has gone to a retired guy who has joined Hampton SC and hopes to sail it with his grandkids after having the gelcoat professionally repaired by Martin Sly.

Sailing school is underway.  Rob and Herman have six participants on Saturday morning, and Paula, John and Jarrod have six participants on Sunday mornings.  In addition, Paula, John and Jarrod are holding two half day “Introduction to Sailing” sessions for beginners during March. 
We have had enquiries from three experienced sailors about joining the club and sailing the club boats for a few months with a view to buying their own boats.  John and Jarrod have arranged to take them sailing to assess their suitability for use of a club boat.  To increase the chances of them joining us, make them welcome.

Sailing instructors:  As usual, please encourage sailing school graduates to participate in our Saturday afternoon sailing for three months after they graduate, at no cost.  (The additional payment for participating in races which was sometimes charged in previous years is not being applied.)  As there may be twelve participants and only six places in Pacers, we should guarantee each participant a place on Saturday afternoon for the first three weeks after they graduate.  After that, if demand exceeds the places available on Saturday afternoon, I propose that we offer them sailing on Saturday mornings.  We will assess the demand towards the end of each week.  The safety boat would have to be on the water, but it could be crewed by members who are not Instructors.  The Instructors will deserve a rest.

The new Pacer sail has been delivered.  It is complete with battens and tell-tails but the battens and tell-tails have to be fitted.  Last week we found that we already had a spare mainsail and jib in good condition although lacking battens.  So now we have two good sails, unfortunately both with the same sail number.  I suggest that we use the best sails, keep one old sail as a spare and throw away the one I taped up, transferring its battens to the one that is lacking battens. 

John R:  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that there will be a Pacer available for you for a few months commencing 27 March.  Prior to that, from 6 March to 20 March, there is a high probability that there will be one available but it cannot be guaranteed.  During this period there may be six sailing school graduates sailing on Saturday afternoon, but two of them will probably sail Sabres, leaving a Pacer available for you.

Wendy, Tony and Sid:  Commencing 6 March the new graduates and new members will be given priority for use of the Sabres, so please make use of the few weeks between now and then to sail.  There may be a Sabre available in later weeks, but it cannot be guaranteed.  I hope you have enjoyed sailing the club boats and will now buy a boat.

Australian Sailing February Edition of Club News: you can find the latest Australian sailing news here. As always, well worth a read.

See you at the lake,

Antony (your webmaster) on behalf of the Secretary.

We’re back on Sat (again!!)

Hi Club Members,
Everything is be back to normal for us this Saturday (20th).  There are still some restrictions on community sport, but none of them affect our usual operations.

You can now find our next scheduled race right on the home page

Did you know that we have a next-race widget? It sits just below the weather widget on the home page. It contains all the particulars of the race: Date, start time, Race and Duty crew as well as he series info.

It will automatically display the next race, based on the current date

So check in regularly to see what’s upcoming!

Weather widget now on website!

So we can all get the forecast right on our phones!
You can use the forecast page to get a more detailed forecast, best viewed as a desktop page for the synoptic and wind simulation.
Find the widget on the front page and the details on the forecast page.

Covid Safe plan



You can download it here:
LSC Covid Safe Plan

Lysterfield Sailing Club – Covid Safe Plan

Prepared by S McConnell   19 Nov 2020


Ensure everyone is at least 1.5m apart whenever possible.

  • No sailing on two person dinghies unless from the same household.
  • Crew on the rescue boat to keep 1.5m apart whenever possible.
  • Only the OOD and useful assistants to be in the tower.When there is more than one person in the tower, keep at least 1.5m apart.  No socialising in the tower.
  • Sail at home whenever practical.


Face masks

  • Wear a fitted face mask at all times except when actually sailing.
  • Rescue boat crew to wear face masks.



  • Provide disinfectant in the tower and clubroom.
  • Regularly disinfect any surface which may be touched by a person within seven days of another touching it. (e.g. door knobs, locks, radio, taps)
  • Wash hands regularly.


Keep records

  • Each sailor to sign-on before races.
  • Visitors to write phone and email address on sign-on sheet.
  • Non-sailing members and visitors to also record their presence on the sign-on sheet.
  • OOD to record on the sign-on sheet the names of the duty personnel.
  • Sign-on sheets to be stored in tower for future reference.



  • Do not attend if you have symptoms or are a contact of someone with symptoms.
  • Go home immediately if you develop illness of any form.
  • Worksafe Victoria 132360 to be notified if anyone infected has attended.
  • Contact and notify all personnel who were present if anyone infected has attended.



  • Avoid meeting indoors, stay outdoors..
  • Drink from disposable containers, or ensure you thoroughly wash and disinfect non-disposable containers, taps and surfaces.

Another pause due to Covid restrictions

We have suspended club activities in line with government directives once more.

Lets all pull together to make this next six weeks count and we hope to get back to some sailing soon.

We’re (socially distant-ly) back…

Under the current advice of government, LSC has determined that we can legitimately start sailing again.

This is great news, and we are intending to have our first sail this Saturday 16th May.

Please be prepared to take all the precautions for social distance and hand hygiene outlined in this document:

If there is any more news, we’ll post it here but at this time it will be a normal start (1:00) on a course to be advised on the day.

Take Care & see you on the lake.