Member Profile: Paula Ewington and their Sabre, (sometimes a Pacer and other times a 125….)

Get to know a bit more about our members, what they sail and what they are interested in.

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Paula is the proud owner of a Sabre, sometimes a Pacer and playing with a 125 class dinghy

What made you choose this particular class of boat?

Initially I wanted a cat but was wisely advised to sail a mini before a Ferrari. I can sail it in most weather which I love. There is other Sabres in our club and she has taught me a lot about boat ownership.

Have you owned any other boats and what were they?

Nik Nak is my first boat. I also have an interest in a 125 that James and I attempt to fly a kite on and I would like to buy a Laser.

What got you interested in sailing?

It’s been in my life always. Dad built a boat in his backyard ( I am named after her) !! They bought my brother a Sabot (not me) but it was really finding myself surrounded by water while living on the Isle of Wight that it became part of my life. I have then let sailing take me on adventures; living onboard a ‘Spray’ in Queensland, getting a train to Port Fairy and delivering a boat back through the heads and a few Melbourne to Hobart races.

What do you love about Sailing at Lysterfield?

The people in the club, the beautiful lake with it’s kangaroos and native wildlife and the location is good for me. I like being a ‘wind whisperer’; and chasing it around the lake.

How long have you had your Sabre?

About 4 years.

When you’re not sailing, what do you like to do with your time?

A bit of renovating with James, painting and everything artistic, eating and cooking with family friends. Teaching sailing.

If you’d like to join Paula Ewington sailing at Lysterfield, we’d love to have you and can cater for any Dinghy up to 16ft and Cat up to 14.5ft. Get in touch if you’d like to be part of it!