Covid Safe plan



You can download it here:
LSC Covid Safe Plan

Lysterfield Sailing Club – Covid Safe Plan

Prepared by S McConnell   19 Nov 2020


Ensure everyone is at least 1.5m apart whenever possible.

  • No sailing on two person dinghies unless from the same household.
  • Crew on the rescue boat to keep 1.5m apart whenever possible.
  • Only the OOD and useful assistants to be in the tower.When there is more than one person in the tower, keep at least 1.5m apart.  No socialising in the tower.
  • Sail at home whenever practical.


Face masks

  • Wear a fitted face mask at all times except when actually sailing.
  • Rescue boat crew to wear face masks.



  • Provide disinfectant in the tower and clubroom.
  • Regularly disinfect any surface which may be touched by a person within seven days of another touching it. (e.g. door knobs, locks, radio, taps)
  • Wash hands regularly.


Keep records

  • Each sailor to sign-on before races.
  • Visitors to write phone and email address on sign-on sheet.
  • Non-sailing members and visitors to also record their presence on the sign-on sheet.
  • OOD to record on the sign-on sheet the names of the duty personnel.
  • Sign-on sheets to be stored in tower for future reference.



  • Do not attend if you have symptoms or are a contact of someone with symptoms.
  • Go home immediately if you develop illness of any form.
  • Worksafe Victoria 132360 to be notified if anyone infected has attended.
  • Contact and notify all personnel who were present if anyone infected has attended.



  • Avoid meeting indoors, stay outdoors..
  • Drink from disposable containers, or ensure you thoroughly wash and disinfect non-disposable containers, taps and surfaces.

Another pause due to Covid restrictions

We have suspended club activities in line with government directives once more.

Lets all pull together to make this next six weeks count and we hope to get back to some sailing soon.

We’re (socially distant-ly) back…

Under the current advice of government, LSC has determined that we can legitimately start sailing again.

This is great news, and we are intending to have our first sail this Saturday 16th May.

Please be prepared to take all the precautions for social distance and hand hygiene outlined in this document:

If there is any more news, we’ll post it here but at this time it will be a normal start (1:00) on a course to be advised on the day.

Take Care & see you on the lake.

Club activities suspended due to covid-19.

We have suspended club activities in line with government directives in light of the health threat posed by covid19.

We look forward to seeing old and new members on the other side and hope everyone stays safe.


Come and try sailing on Nov 10

Come and try sailing at Lysterfield sailing club.

Lysterfield Sailing Club has a discover sailing day on Sunday 10th November 2019.

We aim to show everyone how much fun small boats are to sail, for adults and kids of all abilities and budgets.

We’ll have boats out for you to try, people to ask for advice on how to get started and all are welcome to attend.  Find out more from Australian sailing or turn up between 10:00 and 2:00 at our club on the 10th with some sunscreen and some clothes you don’t mind getting wet.

For info or to make a booking (thus ensuring you don’t miss out!!) Call our Sailing Co-Ordinator (sailing types call them the Rear Commodore – Sailing) Anne on the number listed in the picture.

You can also get in touch via our contact page, or check us out on facebook.

See you then!!

Personal Flotation Devices

NOTICE TO MEMBERS- Personal Flotation Devices

 Yachting Australia – Special Regulations Part 2 – Off the Beach Boats


(Page 299 Racing Rules of Sailing)

 Members are advised that the existing Regulation 5.01 including the ban on PFDs Type 3 has been deleted and replaced by the following:


 PFD requirements vary between the States and Territories and it is recommended that before purchase and use it should be established that the PFD is acceptable under local law.

 5.01.1    All crew members shall wear, whilst afloat, a personal flotation device (PFD) secured about their person in a manner appropriate to the design of the device.

 5.01.2    PFDs shall comply with one of the following:

 (a)    Australian Standard AS4758-2008; or

(b)   Australian Standard AS1512-1996 for PFD Type 1; or

(c)    Australian Standard AS1499-1996 for PFD Type 2; or

(d)   Australian Standard AS2260-1996 for PFD Type 3; or

(e)    An equivalent or more stringent overseas standard


 shall be branded with the respective Standard Authority’s mark of approval.

 5.01.3    Inflatable PFDs shall not be used.

 5.01.4    PFDs shall be maintained in good order.

 5.01.5    PFDs shall be marked on the inside to identify their ownership. Preferably this should be the mane of the individual owner and a contact number: otherwise it shall be the name of the Club or organization to which the PFD belongs.           

Website update

Hi Everyone,

Our website update is done and ready to go. You’ll find a direct link to our facebook page, a new photo gallery and our new results section.

Hope you enjoy it!